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Our New Website


Introducing “Squirrely’s Mountain Retreat”: A Haven for Heroes in the Heart of NW United States

Orgen, September 1, 2023 — Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of the Northwest United States, “Squirrely’s Mountain Retreat” proudly announces the launch of its new website, offering a serene and rejuvenating rental cabin exclusively designed for the tireless heroes of our communities. Aimed at extending gratitude to first responders, teachers, and church pastors, this retreat provides a well-deserved escape where these dedicated individuals can unwind and recharge.

With a commitment to honoring those who serve, Squirrely’s Mountain Retreat offers an exceptional opportunity for heroes to bask in the tranquility of nature. The cabin is thoughtfully equipped with modern amenities while preserving a rustic ambiance, ensuring a comfortable stay for guests. Surrounded by lush forests and captivating mountain views, the retreat provides an ideal setting for relaxation, reflection, and quality time with loved ones. The newly launched website streamlines the reservation process, allowing eligible individuals to easily book their stay and experience the solace of Squirrely’s Mountain Retreat.

“As a token of our appreciation for the unwavering dedication exhibited by first responders, teachers, and church pastors, we are thrilled to introduce Squirrely’s Mountain Retreat. Our goal is to provide a haven where these heroes can retreat from their demanding roles, find solace in nature, and create cherished memories with their families,” said Matt Hartzell of Squirrely’s Mountain Retreat. “The launch of our website marks a significant step in making this dream a reality. We invite all eligible individuals to explore the site, book their stay, and let us pamper them amidst the beauty of the Northwest.”

For more information and to book your stay at Squirrely’s Mountain Retreat, please visit https://squirrelysretreat.com/

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